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January 19, 2009



You just made me tear up over that "sweet JD". You know my favorite memories of him involve Taco Bell-and something about defending my honot! (as if I hadn't just given it away) He really is a great dad, I love seeing these guys grown up and involved.
:)Love me some JD!

Leigh Ann

This was so sweet. It is so obvious how in love you are. I need to do this one about Derek, too. As far as I'm concerned, any love that starts over chicken tacos is FOREVER! :)


Awww... that's sweet. Sounds like he's for sure a keeper! :-) I may have to do this post myself.

What is it with guys and Taco Bell?? Trav enjoys few things as much as a freakin .79 cent taco. HA!

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